Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

In vitro RT-PCR Diagnostic Solutions

Fast and accurate disease diagnosis and detection are crucial in today's fast-paced society wherein the healthcare practitioners are looking for indispensable, cutting-edge and rapid solutions such as in-vitro diagnostic real time polymerase chain reaction (IVD RT-PCR) kits. Real Time PCR is a commonly employed method for the quick identification and quantification of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) in a sample. It aids in understanding gene expression patterns, pathogen detection, genetic problem diagnosis, and monitoring treatment efficacy.

Genes2Me offers a broad portfolio of the qualitative and quantitative CE-IVD approved clinical diagnostic RT-PCR kits for various infectious, non-infectious, genetic, oncology, blood-borne, reproductive, respiratory and vector-borne diseases in patient’s specimens. The kits are designed using target specific primers and fluorescent labeled probes with high analytical sensitivity; thus contributing to clinical and public health evaluations.

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