Complete Pregnancy Packages

MyFitBaby by Genes2Me is a one stop solution for Pregnant women. It is an early pregnancy genetic test which covers all the common routine pregnancy tests, a pregnant women is subjected to undergo during her pregnancy period. From as early as the 6th week of pregnancy, this package screens for abnormalities that may arise during the pregnancy phase. This pregnancy package covers double markers/triple markers and haemoglobinopathies as suggested by doctors to pregnant women under the routine testing category.MyFitBaby is an exclusive panel guiding women starting from their early weeks of pregnancy to take informed decisions for a healthy baby.
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Benefits of Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing/Analysis

Early Detection

Detecting today is the key to a Healthy tomorrow. Take relevant and preventive measures to act fast on a given condition before it's too late.

Genetic Testing/Analysis


A crucial piece of information to Doctors for targeted diagnosis based on your genetic makeup, saving time, effort and health insurance.

Genetic Testing/Analysis

Power to "YOU"

Your secret to Health is within you. Genetic testing gives "YOU" the power to make decisions and adopt changes in lifestyle for a healthy living.

Genetic Testing/Analysis


Once you know your genes, use that secret to get personalized insights into your Diet, Exercises, Medicines etc. All unique to "YOU" and your Body.

How it Works
Genetic Testing/Analysis
Order a Kit

Order and receive Saliva Collection Kit

Genetic Testing/Analysis
Collect Your Sample

Collect the Saliva sample from your mouth

Genetic Testing/Analysis
Lab Processing

Expert scientific team for highly accurate results

Genetic Testing/Analysis
Get Your Reports

Your Genetic Insights are on Your Way

Genetic Testing/Analysis
Genetic Counseling

Pre & post test counseling with a Genetic Expert