Respiratory Disease Diagnostic

Respiratory infections are a significant global health issue, affecting millions annually. Innovative molecular diagnostic tools can transform the diagnosis and treatment of these illnesses. Our in-vitro diagnostic Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (IVD RT-PCR) kits rapidly and accurately detect respiratory pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, in patient samples, providing clinicians with essential data for informed treatment decisions.

Renowned for their high sensitivity and specificity, our IVD RT-PCR kits detect even minimal pathogen levels, ensuring confident diagnoses and improved patient care. A key feature is their ability to target multiple pathogens simultaneously, streamlining the diagnostic process and reducing turnaround time. This enables clinicians to initiate appropriate treatments promptly and tailor regimens to the specific pathogens, resulting in more effective care.

G2M offers a comprehensive range of molecular diagnostic kits for respiratory infections and lung diseases. Utilizing TaqMan chemistry, our kits ensure precise results with a processing time of ≤60 minutes. Compatible with widely used Real-Time PCR instruments, these qRT-PCR kits provide a robust solution for accurate diagnostics, revolutionizing respiratory infection diagnostics and enhancing patient care.

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