Molecular Biology

Fantom High-Fidelity PCR DNA Polymerase & Master mix

Fantom Hi-Fidelity DNA Polymerase is a high fidelity enzyme which is 50 times more accurate than the conventional Taq DNA Polymerase in accurately replicating a template DNA.

The specificity-promoting factors contribute to high-fidelity of the enzyme and association of elongation-factor promotes quicker amplification (0.5sec/Kb) of larger plasmids or DNA fragments (40Kb) as well as c-DNA up to 20kb.

Furthermore, the enzyme offers the capacity to amplify GC rich fragments from distinct species and has a strong tolerance to PCR inhibitors distinguishing it from the other available polymerase enzymes. The enzyme-mediated amplification yields blunt-end products which are suitable for Fast-cloning. The product is also available as a master mix with dye.

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