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Hot Shot DNA Polymerase & master mix

Genes2Me introduces Hot Shot DNA polymerase which prevents non-specific amplification and primer-dimerization during sample processing. The chemical alteration of the enzyme allows improved activity to amplify low-copy number genes resulting in increased sensitivity of the reaction. Additionally, since the enzyme inserts Adenosine (A) at the 3’-end, the amplified product can be cloned into the T Vector.

Hot Shot DNA polymerase comes with a distinct master mix which contains Hot Shot DNA polymerase, dNTPs, and an optimised buffer system that strictly prohibits non-specific amplification at room temperature and improves reproducibility in data. The protector in the mix maintains the enzyme’s activity even after repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

A dye-plus version of the master mix is also available which enables direct electrophoresis. These products are also compatible with Replica Express One-step cloning kit.

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