Molecular Biology

Conventional PCR and RT-PCR reagents

Genes2Me offers a broad range of qPCR and RT-PCR products in the form of kits, master mixes and enzymes to facilitate all PCR related projects.

NeoScript 1st strand cDNA synthesis kit is an advanced cDNA synthesis kit with enhanced heat stability (50°C) making it suitabile for reverse transcription of RNA templates with complicated secondary structures.

NeoScript OneStep qRT-PCR kit allows detection and amplification of RNA in a single step as it contains an enzyme mix (composed of reverse transcriptase and Hot Shot DNA polymerase) and an optimised buffer system. The single tube format minimises the number of stages in experiment by immediately employing the RNA for quantification while preserving the sensitivity of the reaction.

NeoScript OneStep qRT-PCR kit with SYBR green enables absolute quantification of the RNA target as it contains NeoScript II reverse transcriptase and Champ-Taq DNA polymerase along with an optimised buffer system.

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