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Your body’s immune system creates antibodies to help you fight off infection. Whether you have been exposed to Covid-19 or have been vaccinated against the virus, it’s better to know if your body has developed protection against the virus. Genes2Me Covid-19 Antibody Test detects the presence of Coronavirus antibodies in your blood that fight the virus causing COVID-19.

What is the Difference Between COVID-19 Test and a COVID-19 Antibody Test?

COVID-19 Antibody Test

COVID-19 Antibody Test for detection of antibodies determines whether one has previously been infected by COVID-19 and now has developed antibodies/immunity against it.

COVID-19 Test

Coronavirus (RT-PCR) test is a diagnostic test that determines if you are currently infected with CoronaVirus (Covid-19).

Our COVID-19 Antibody Tests

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Nucleocapsid Protein IgG Antibody Test

This is a blood test designed to detect IgG antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein on the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The test detects IgG antibodies that develop in most people within 7-10 days after symptoms of COVID-19 begin. IgG antibodies continue to remain in the blood after an infection has passed. Therefore, a positive test indicates you may have had COVID-19 in the recent past and have developed antibodies that may protect you from future infection. It is called a “qualitative” test because it can only detect antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, but it does not provide information on how much antibody there may be.

Spike Protein IgG Antibody Test

This blood test is designed to detect IgG antibodies specific for the virus spike protein that develops when an individual has received the COVID-19 vaccination. It is intended to confirm that the person has developed antibodies to protect him/her from getting a severe COVID-19 infection or hospitalization.

Total & IgG Antibody Testing after Corona

Spike Protein IgM Antibody Test

The test is designed to detect IgM antibodies that are usually the first set of antibodies produced by the immune system when a virus attacks. A positive IgM test indicates that you may have been infected or have recently been vaccinated, and your immune system has started responding to the vaccination. However, when IgM is detected, you may still be infected or have recently recovered from COVID-19.


  • To determine if you have been exposed to Coronavirus in recent times.
  • To determine the presence of antibodies against Coronavirus in your body (Total antibodies).
  • To find out if your body has recovered from the Coronavirus infection (IgG antibodies).
  • To determine if the COVID-19 vaccine has produced an effective response.
  • An asymptomatic person (not showing symptoms for Covid-19) can also get themselves tested to know whether they have been exposed to Coronavirus or not. 


  • If the test comes POSITIVE, it means you have developed antibody/immunity against Covid-19.
  • If tests come NEGATIVE, it means you may never have been exposed to COVID-19, or you had Covid-19 in the past, but you did not develop detectable antibodies.
  • However, a positive antibody test result does not indicate you are immune or signify how long the antibodies might last.

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