The Significance of IVD RT-PCR Kits in Disease Detection: A Game Changer in Modern Healthcare

Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics with RT-PCR

In today’s fast-paced world, diagnosing and detecting diseases swiftly and accurately has become pivotal to the diagnostic and healthcare industry. The remarkable advancements in molecular diagnostics have revolutionized disease detection by offering rapidity in results while enhancing their accuracy aiding in the timely treatment of patients. One such cutting-edge molecular diagnostic tool is IVD RT-PCR Kits (Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) which has become an indispensable tool for medical professionals worldwide allowing rapid and accurate diagnosis of a multitude of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

RT-PCR Technique:

Real-Time PCR helps in the detection and quantification of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) in a sample, helping scientists understand gene expression patterns, detect pathogens, diagnose genetic disorders, and monitor treatment efficacy. The technique uses Taqman probes labeled with a fluorescent moiety on each end and is complementary to a segment within the target DNA. The excitation and emission spectrum of the two fluorescent moieties overlap which results in quenching of the fluorescent signal. As the PCR cycle proceeds, the 5’-endonuclease activity of Taq DNA polymerase leads to probe degradation which ultimately results in the two fluorophores allowing the fluorescence to be emitted. The fluorescence intensity increases linearly with each PCR cycle resulting in signal amplification and accurate detection of the target DNA.

Infectious Diseases

Accuracy and Sensitivity:

Owing to the fluorescent probe-based detection approach adopted in the IVD RT-PCR kits, accuracy and sensitivity have become achievable making these kits the gold standard for disease detection.

Genes2Me offers a broad portfolio of CE-IVD-approved RT-PCR kits available in single and multiplex assay formats. These kits are extensively validated on a wide variety of clinical specimens and work efficiently with low input amounts of RNA or DNA, making them highly reliable tools for diagnosing infectious diseases. The unmatched sensitivity and specificity of these IVD RT-PCR kits is approximately 99% ensuring early detection, which is crucial for implementing appropriate containment measures and initiating prompt treatment, ultimately saving lives.

Speed and Efficiency:

In the realm of disease detection, time is of the essence. Traditional diagnostic methods often involve the time-consuming cultivation of pathogens, which delays diagnosis and treatment initiation. However, Genes2Me’s IVD RT-PCR kits provide rapid results with quick turnaround time, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions promptly. Furthermore, each of the kits is supplied with endogenous Internal Controls (IC) that ensure maximum sensitivity of the assay. The speed and efficiency of these kits not only save precious time but also enhance patient outcomes by enabling early intervention and preventing disease spread.

RT-PCR Kits for Oncology

Versatile Applications:

IVD RT-PCR kits have been extensively utilized not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but also in the diagnosis of other viral and genetic diseases. These kits have proven invaluable in diagnosing various genetic disorders (sickle cell anemia, beta thalassemia), infectious diseases (COVID-19, influenza, hepatitis), vector-borne diseases (dengue, malaria, chikungunya, zika, yellow fever), and reproductive disorders (Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, Human Papillomavirus, Herpes, Syphilis) to name a few. The versatility of IVD RT-PCR kits enables healthcare professionals to swiftly adapt their usage for different diseases, making them an indispensable tool in laboratories and healthcare settings worldwide.

Instrument Compatibility:

To ensure accurate and reliable results, these RT-PCR IVD kits are easily compatible with commonly available RT-PCR instruments and can also seamlessly integrate with Genes2Me’s rapid Rapi-Q and Rapi-Q HT point-of-care (POC) RT-PCR testing devices for automated data analysis and result interpretation. A powerful, portable, compact POC RT-PCR instrument that can process up to 32 samples within 30 mins making it an ideal solution for the detection of 50+ infectious, non-infectious, genetic, oncology, blood-borne, reproductive, respiratory, and vector-borne diseases. The instrument’s portability and ease of use enable healthcare professionals to perform RT-PCR testing directly at the patient’s bedside, minimizing delays in diagnosis and treatment initiation.


As the importance of rapid and accurate disease detection continues to grow, IVD RT-PCR kits have emerged as a game-changing tool in the medical field. From their unparalleled accuracy to their multifaceted applicability and adaptability to high-throughput systems, these powerful tools will continue shaping the future of diagnostics and improving patient outcomes in the years to come. The technique plays a groundbreaking role in the molecular diagnostic sphere as it enables the detection of viral RNA or DNA in patient samples. Genes2Me takes pride in being among the pioneers for manufacturing cost-effective molecular diagnostic and point-of-care solutions contributing to improved global health and well-being.