Covid-19 Antibody Test

Antibody (immunoglobulin) is a protein produced by the immune system of our body which detects various infections including pathogenic bacterial and viral infection in the body and fight them. Antibody testing can reveal if you have developed antibodies against Covid-19 or not, the test is carried out on blood sample.

It is not a diagnostic test for Covid-19.

Antibody Testing after Vaccination
Covid-19 Total Antibody Test - 600 Rs

Will detect if the body is exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

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Antibody Testing
Covid-19 IgG Test - 1250 Rs

This test will detect Covid-19 IgG antibodies and if the immunity is developed against the virus after covid-19 infection or vaccination.


Q.1: What is the importance of antibody testing?

  • To get clarification if someone got exposed to Covid-19 infection

  • To know if antibodies are developed against the infection.

  • If someone wants to donate plasma then also the test can be done as if the blood contains antibodies it can help treat others with severe infection.

Q.2: What if antibody test is positive?

If the immune system develops antibodies for Covid-19 infection, then the report turns out to be positive.

Q.3: What if the report is negative?

Negative test means you don’t have Covid-19 antibodies, it means you probably were not infected by the virus. As it takes time to develop antibodies, false negative test results can occur if the blood sample is collected too soon after the infection started.

Q.4: Can asymptomatic person do the test?

Yes, if a person has not developed any symptoms can do the test as the person may be fighting the infection without showing any symptoms.

Q.5: What is the sample type?

This test is performed on blood sample.

Antibody Testing