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Genetic Testing for Health

Preventive health testing:

We are hearing “Health is wealth” from the days we were in school. We are always striving harder to take care of our health in the best way we can! Going to the gym, following a healthy diet routine, morning walk, and many more are examples of specific lifestyle interventions that we have inculcated in our lives to make our health better. But the question comes, Are we doing enough? In our busy lifestyle routine, we tend to escape from a short span of diseases that affect our lives and go away in some time. Without knowing the disease’s root cause, we take medicines in the form of antibiotics and start moving towards the usual routine. This may not affect your lives at that time, but it will indeed affect you in your future. Preventive health testing is an emerging field in which genes are decoded to know your health better. This mode of health studies your genes in detail, and in-depth analysis is done to know the risk of particular human disease that you may incur during the lifetime due to your genes.

Genes2Health genetic predisposition test:

Genes2Health genetic predisposition test is an example of predictive and genetic predisposition testing that analyses the risk associated with your genes. These genes may put you at risk for developing complex human conditions pertaining to cardiology, neurology, cancer, and many more. Cardiological conditions include diabetes, sudden cardiac arrest, hypertension, and other potential conditions that may severely impact your health. Different types of cancer and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, migraine, and other conditions affecting the brain are analyzed, and predisposed genes are studied to analyze the risk factor. Other than the medical conditions mentioned above, complex conditions pertaining to Rheumatology, respiratory, gastrology, and reproductive health are studied in detail.  Overall, the genetic predispositions to 40+ health conditions are studied, and genes associated with the risk of developing complex medical conditions are decoded.

Knowing Health Better with Genes2Health

Testing Protocol and technology:

Genes2Health is a simple saliva-based testing protocol in which the saliva is collected and is sent to the laboratory for further analysis. In some cases, blood is collected from the patient as saliva may not work as the compatible sample for analysis. The blood sample is sent to the laboratory where Next Generation Sequencing technology is implied for decoding the genes by scanning the patient’s genome. In-depth results are generated in a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks from the date of sample collection.

Genetic counselling:

Genetic counselling plays a significant role in understanding the results obtained from the testing protocol. A genetic counsellor is assigned for a specific patient who studies the patient’s case history along with the results obtained after following the testing protocol. A meeting is scheduled with the concerned patient, and the genetic predisposition to complex health conditions are explained in detail to the patient. Even before scheduling the test, a trained and certified genetic counsellor helps the patient understand the test in a detailed manner.

Genes2Health is once a lifetime test that lets you knows the genetic predisposition to complex human diseases and medical conditions. Every individual should take this preventive health strategy to know the risk of developing complex genetic and metabolic disorders. The doctors can use the results to analyze the risk factor and make specific changes in the patient’s lifestyle, helping reduce the risk of developing complex medical conditions.

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