Med4Me panels screen for variants in the genes of pharmacogenomics importance. Understanding the underlying genetics of varied responses of drug among different patients can help streamline and optimize the targeted treatment regimen for individual patients and in turn expedite the recovery. This section entails three focused panels termed as Med4Me standard panel, Med4me Epilepsy panel and Med4Me Antituberculosis panel.

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Pan Cancer Panel - NGS
Med4Me standard Panel
Med4Me standard panel covers a total of 122 genes related to the individual’s response to various drugs.


And precisely identifies polymorphism in these genes related to metabolism of various drugs used for Oncology, Haematology, Cardiovascular, Urology, Neurology, Tissue and Organ transplantation, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Pain management, Recreational Drugs, Anesthesiology, and Internal medicine.

The Med4Me standard panel covers clinically relevant SNV, Indels and CNV in the Whole CDS and UTRs (-50bp to +10bp) of the corresponding genes spanning 534kb target size for sequencing.
Oncocheck Panel - NGS
Med4Me Epilepsy Panel
A panel dedicated to capture mutations in anti-epileptic drug metabolism related genes.


This panel consists of 91 genes and covers whole CDS and UTR (-50bp to +10bp) spanning 534kb target size for sequencing.
As most of the anti-epilepsy drugs fail to prevent seizure and treat the condition, considering the pharmacogenomics of epilepsy can be of immense importance in optimizing the dosage and the treatment regimen for the same.
HLA Typing NGS Panel
Med4Me Antituberculosis Panel
Med4Me Anti-tuberculosis panel is a comprehensive panel covering a total of 132 genes associated


with anti-tuberculosis drugs metabolic pathways genes mainly linked with liver injury. Drug induced liver injury (DILI) is a commonly observed adverse effect of antituberculosis drugs causing acute liver failure, thereby leading to treatment failure and in-turn development of multidrug drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis.

The Med4Me Antituberculosis panel covers whole CDS and UTR (-50bp to +10bp) for the given set of genes covering 186 kb target size for sequencing and capture of clinical actionable SVN, Indels and CNV mutations.