Celebrate Nutrition Month by Spreading Awareness of Healthy Eating

Nutrition Month – March

The month of March is celebrated as Nutrition Month with global campaigns for spreading awareness of eating healthy and nutritious food. It focuses on bringing balance to the diet so that it helps with the wholesome and holistic development of health. Are you planning to improve your eating habits? Are you trying to follow a diet that reduces the occurrence of certain diseases or disorders? March is the month with many awareness campaigns designed to help people make informed choices on good food habits.

Importance of the Campaign

The National Nutrition Month aims to focus on celebrating nutritious food all across the globe, enjoying different cuisine, and keeping a check on the type of food one intakes. The annual Diet and information campaign celebrates the importance of making informed choices in food consumption, developing a sound and healthy eating habit, and taking a wholesome diet balance. The campaign gives insights on scientifically backed food and its valuable diet for holistic nourishment.

The campaign originally started in March 1973 as “National Nutrition Week”, meant to deliver diet education messages to the public regarding Diet. However, the growing interest in diet expanded the celebration from a week to a month. In the 1980s, the campaign transitioned from week-long to a month-long celebration.

Focus on Awareness of Nutrition

What started as a small campaign has reached global acceptance to celebrate nutrition month. The Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics had the vision and started working on creating awareness about the transformative power of food and Diet. The aim is to promote and inform about optimal Diet and how it can be an important step towards overall well-being. The registered dieticians, nutritionists, and diabetic technicians participate in the program.

National Nutrition Month – March

During Nutrition Month, each week focuses on delivering a particular message. Each of the weeks in March 2022 includes different things to improve the awareness:

Week 1

  • Focus on consuming a variety of nutritious food, including fruits and vegetables
  • Include food from all groups for wholesome diet
  • Read Diet labels of processed or ready to purchase food
  • Focus on consuming traditional and cultural food

Week 2

  • Get a checkup and see a registered dietician or nutritionist
  • Find a dietician or nutritionist who is specialized in your specific needs
  • Get a personalized diet that helps in meeting your health goals

Week 3

  • Plan the meals and opt for healthy snacks
  • Make recipes that are healthy and plan for the entire week
  • Use a grocery list for shopping for the nutrition-rich food provided by the dietician
  • Choose nutritious and healthy food or drink when away from home

Week 4

  • Learn to make food at home and the tasty, healthier variations
  • Focus on better meal preparation
  • Try new food and flavors from the globe
  • Enjoy a meal with family and friends, but healthy ones

Week 5

  • Track the progress by putting it all together


Eating clean and nutritious food is a great way to take care of health, reduce many diseases, and enjoy a fit lifestyle. The Academy of Nutrition and Diabetes dedicates the month of March to spreading awareness of wholesome food and how it is helpful for our life. It even focuses on how getting a personalized diet based on one’s goal helps maintain appropriate Diet.