How Can BRCA Testing Save Your Life?

BRCA1 & BRCA2 Gene Mutations

According to a recent study, breast cancer testing (BRCA Testing) in patients is cost-effective and could effectively save potentially your life. Genetic testing for breast cancer in India is available to all and anyone with a suspected diagnosis, family history or clinical criteria can get themselves tested.

It is a powerful concept to be able to identify the chances of you getting breast cancer in the future because of your family’s medical history.

Here are the following facts which you can use to decide if BRCA 1 and BRCA2 mutation testing in India is for you:

Advantages of Genetic Testing

Depending on the molecular diagnostic company, testing for cancer genes with expanded panels can range from 30 to 80 genes. These tests can identify whether the organs are at risk for cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, colon cancer or melanoma. The BRCA mutation testing in India can also detect others in a family who are at a higher risk for mutations.

These family members have to pay close attention to their health and undergo management methods to prevent themselves from getting cancer. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 testing costs in India are reasonable compared to high-end expensive treatments if you develop cancer.

A positive BRCA screening in India result can empower you to take preventive steps, including:

  • Gaining more information about breast/ovarian/pancreatic/ prostate cancer and potential symptoms
  • Opting for more frequent breast cancer screenings
  • Creating some lifestyle changes that reduce your risk of breast/ ovarian/ pancreatic/ prostate cancer, such as exercising regularly and reducing alcohol consumption
  • having preventive surgery, such as a mastectomy
  • Receiving Medications that may reduce breast cancer risk (chemoprevention)
Genetic Screening for Breast Cancer

One of the greatest advantages BRCA screening in India can offer is enabling testing relatives of breast cancer mutation carriers to detect unaffected relatives who may have no knowledge about their predisposition. They can benefit from early diagnosis and precision prevention. A large proportion of cancer can be prevented in known unaffected mutation carriers.

A negative BRCA screening result can provide you with a feeling of relief or peace of mind knowing that you don’t contain any variant mutations but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of carrying a mutation in other cancer causing genes. Meanwhile, a positive result can help you be proactive about your health and nudge you to take steps that may go far in reducing your risk of developing cancer in future.

Disadvantages of Genetic Testing

Some people, even knowing the benefits of BRCA tests, choose not to undergo the test because they don’t want to know if they mutation or not. Others get upset or feel guilty if they don’t have the same genes that impact their family members.

The problem of BRCA screening test is not over testing but under testing. BRCA testing may cause a negative psychological impact in some individuals, and they feel stressed or anxious about their future after receiving a positive or inconclusive result.

With increased BRCA testing in India, people will become more aware of the benefits of the BRCA tests, which would help doctors and patients to ensure the management of cancer. This would save more lives and give people an enhanced quality of life.

As the BRCA testing cost in India has significantly reduced, more people can take preventive action to minimise their cancer risk by early diagnosis option.

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