How Genetic Test Affects Your Fitness

DNA Genetic Test for Weight Loss

Not seeing many results in the gym? There are a lot of things you can change or modify: your diet, your exercise schedule, and various types of workouts. But ever considered a genetic test for weight loss. We also have something from our genetic lottery, but with the help of genetic testing, we can always improve on what we have got.

Your body has genes that respond to aerobic fitness, muscular power, and yoga in different ways. To understand how your genes affect your fitness, you should take a genetic test for weight loss.

Genetic Role in Fitness

If you tend to analyze aerobic fitness in just sedentary people, you will find that the difference lies due to inherent DNA. In such cases, heritability will be high.

But if you analyze athletes and a sedentary lifestyle person, you will be able to observe a lot of differences due to the training. 50 per cent of their athleticism could be based on their training and 50 per cent on their genes.

But don’t get too discouraged with the figures on heritability. Because genes are heritable, they are still subject to changes. For instance, we all know that obesity is 70 per cent heritable, which means that if one of your family members is obese, you also pose a risk of high obesity. But you can also change or lower your risk with a changed diet and exercise.

And there’s another thing. If you are trying to compare yourself with the athletes, then let us tell you that athletic talent has many components. Maybe you can’t run as fast as your teammates, but you may have an eye for the ball in football. Or maybe your cardio endurance is not spectacular, but you have long legs and an efficient running stride. So, there is no need to feel less hopeful that you have got a few dud genes.

DNA Test for Fitness Goals with Genes2Me

Why Genes Matter

Though there may be a difference in our genetic makeup and athletes, that doesn’t mean that you should be a couch potato. Genetic testing for weight loss has unlocked new paths to making positive and long-lasting nutrition, health, and fitness changes.

Your inherited genes certainly determine your response to a specific type of nutrition or exercise- but that’s only a small fraction. With a combination of genetic testing for weight loss and some modifications in diet and exercise schedule, you too can derive benefits from your fitness input.

You can eliminate the guesswork and approach the new schedule with smartness when you take a genetic fitness test. Genetic testing provides a comprehensive report about your endurance. With the help of a Nutrigenomics expert, you can get a personalized recommendation on your diet that would help you achieve your fitness faster. Your trainer can provide a personalized approach to high-intensity, longer duration training sessions.

The genetic report provides you analysis of the following trait:

• Endurance Training

• Strength Training

• Aerobic Capacity

• Weight Loss Response to Exercise

• Blood Pressure Response to Exercise

• HDL (Good) Cholesterol Response to Exercise

• Loss of Body Fat Response to Exercise

• Insulin Sensitivity Response to Exercise

Workouts based on your DNA can give you an idea of how you can achieve your fitness goals faster. Genetic testing will augment your confidence and align your diet and workout with your fitness goals.

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