Why Your Aerobic Capacity is Not Increasing – Ever considered Genetic Testing for Fitness?

DNA Genetic Testing for Fitness

Are you thinking of going on long-distance runs, triathlons, swims, or cycles, but your breath gives you out? It’s well known that endurance training ensures that you last the distance and meet your goals. But how do you know that your body supports it? Genetic Testing for Fitness helps in finding your gene’s response to aerobic capacity.

What is Aerobic Capacity?

Your aerobic capacity (AC), as measured with a VO2 max test, is the maximum rate of oxygen your body can utilize during a high-intensity exercise. The aerobic capacity also measures how effectively the heart and lungs get oxygen to the muscles. When you improve your aerobic capacity, you can efficiently increase the use of oxygen by the body. Your aerobic capacity is also indicative of your level of cardiovascular fitness.

Significance of aerobic capacity

Aids in Pumping of Blood

Aerobic exercises are effective for those who are at risk for heart diseases. DNA Genetic Testing for Fitness results shows how your genes influence aerobic capacity. When you improve your aerobic capacity, it strengthens your heart and efficiently pumps blood throughout the body.

Provides You Good Sleep

According to research, aerobic exercises help improve the quality of sleep for those experiencing insomnia.

Prevent Viral Diseases

A good aerobic capacity helps you ward off viral infections like cold and flu. You can also boost your immune system with an increased aerobic capacity.

Raises Your Stamina

When you begin to start any strenuous exercise, it can be very tiring. However, when you build your aerobic capacity, it can also improve your heart and lung capacity. All these factors increase stamina. DNA Genetic Testing for Fitness reveals whether your body can increase its stamina with aerobic exercise.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Aerobic exercises help in lowering your blood pressure. Aerobic exercise helps in reducing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Boosts Your Mood

Conditions like depression and anxiety can be alleviated with the help of aerobic exercise. The exercise also helps the relaxation of the mind.

Do Genes Play a Role in Your Aerobic Capacity?

Genetic Testing for Fitness

Yes, no two humans have the same level of aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity is characterized by inter-individual differences-either active or sedentary. Therefore, different people may have different baseline aerobic capacities. Genetic Testing can provide you with information regarding your aerobic capacity. In addition, it can reveal why an individual responds very well (or not) to exercise training.

Since our body is made up of unique DNA, our genes determine our muscular structure and mitochondrial content of muscles. DNA Genetic Testing for Fitness gives us an understanding of the variations in the genes responsible for regulating the level of hormones, cytokines, growth factors, etc. The test shows us how our genetic polymorphisms that influence pathways (involved in maintaining VO2max) are linked with aerobic capacity. Genetic Testing for Fitness reveals how PPARGC1A gene polymorphisms are associated with aerobic capacity. The PPARGC1A gene inside our body is associated with the exercise-induced change in maximal oxygen uptake (Vo2). Some studies showed that individuals with “A” variant of this gene tend to have low aerobic capacity. Whereas, individuals with the “G” variant of this gene were associated with better mitochondrial biogenesis at the baseline. That means that they show better response to aerobic capacity.

Other factors could also impact your aerobic capacity. For example, your sex, age, body size, and fitness levels also determine your VO2 max.

Benefits of Genetic Testing To Improve Aerobic Capacity

Genetics is only 50% of your fitness story. You can also increase your aerobic capacity with changes in your lifestyle, how you eat and how hard you train. But Genetic Testing can help you understand how genes could affect your aerobic capacity.

When you become aware of the polymorphism of your genes, it will help you better identify the right training, intensity, and frequency to improve adaptations and trainability. In addition, DNA Genetic Testing for Fitness will help you discover the right exercise modulations-either low or high aerobic capacity. For instance, if you have a tendency for high aerobic capacity, you should focus on minimal oxygen training like HIIT. However, if you have a tendency for low aerobic capacity, you should gradually build your VO2 max with endurance-based exercises.

Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Enjoy the glow of your good health.

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