What is Genetic Testing?

Human Kind has unfathomably evolved, developed and surpassed every possible hurdle and expectations that we could probably have ever imagined even in our dreams.  Today, we are capable of predicting a plethora of diseases and illness we can be under the radar of, in the near future. Genetic testing or screening of genes to screen what makes you, YOU! We all inherit a set of blueprints that controls how our body looks and functions. This blueprint is made up of chromosomes. Chromosomes, which are found in our cells, are made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) compacted with the help of basic proteins. They tell cells which proteins to make, when and how much based on the body’s need. Genes are responsible for traits that are passed from one generation to the next. These include hair color, eye color, height and even things like being able to curl your tongue.

DNA Based genomic testing is now a major and developed branch when it comes to path labs clinical testing. Many types of genetic tests are used today, and more are being developed. Testing options are complex and they often need an expert interpretation. It is the use of medical tests to look for changes in the chromosome, gene, or gene function. These tests are usually recommended by a clinical practitioner or healthcare provider. They’re done with on sample of blood or Cheek Swab. Genetic screening is now a major part of your clinical testing and is being recommended for kids, adults and pregnant mothers alike.

Baby/Kids: There are major possibilities of gifting your child with a healthy life now! Genetic testing traces the health of your child during the pre-natal stage and even postnatal period – Newborn screening. A parent can take informed decisions during the pregnancy to check for any genetic abnormalities Helps parents take crucial steps for a healthy child. Imagine the magnitude of predicting any major or minor illness that your child might inherit or be under the radar of, even before he/she is born. This diagnosis aids the parents to take the necessary steps today and gift them health for a lifetime.

How can a Healthy individual like you benefit from a Genetic test?

Currently, more than 1000 genetic tests are in use and more are being developed that identify changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins, which further helps in identifying any disease that can be developed or passed on as a genetic disorder from your family. Other reasons are the dynamic lifestyle changes and understanding potential genetic predispositions which can make you fall under the radar of deadly diseases, one can curtail the risks today for a better tomorrow. 

In India, for the first time Genes2Me,  brings gene testing in the medical field which is affordable and can be treated as a part of your regular check- up in order to keep a check on your health status and remain vigilant about your body. Genes2me creates a benchmark in the diagnostics space by providing complete solutions not only under primary diagnostic but regular as well as advanced molecular diagnostics. We at Genes2Me offer tests that are technologically driven, with a 360-degree overview of the complete diagnostic proposition to every customer who dreams of a healthy life. Offering a plethora of tests per se- Personalised health servicesmother and childoncology and complete diagnostics.

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