Know Your Future Health Risk through Genetic Test

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Know Your Future Health Risk through Genetic Test

Genes2Me, with present challenges in the Diagnostics industry, opened a new dimension to overcome the issues through Predictive genetic testing. Through genetic testing for health, we can predict or predispose the future risk for a number of genetic disorders & diseases in an individual. Genes2Me objective is to offer unique genetic testing for early identification of individuals at risk of particular disorders. With the advanced molecular genetic testing approach, Genes2Me gradually emerges as a game-changer to yield a healthier lifestyle & lives for tomorrow.

In personalized genomics, Genes2Me has created new standards with unique offerings in the Preventive healthcare segment i.e. Genes2Fit, Genes2Health, Med4Me and HealthyMe that provides a personalized genetic blueprint of an individual. Genetic testing for health holds a key advantage is preventive healthcare segment.

Genes2Fit provides personalized information on 40+ lifestyle traits that includes diet pattern, eating behavior, food reaction, nutrient requirements, metabolic health factors, exercise plans, obesity, and weight loss regain. With this once in a lifetime genetic test of Genes2Me, you can take preventive steps to live a healthy lifestyle. Genes2Fit is a “Tailor-made genetic testing” approach based upon analysis on an individual’s DNA to fast track the nutrition, fitness, wellness and strength goals driven by a person’s genes. Genes2Fit helps to understand key answers for

  • Why you can’t say “NO” to a certain food?
  • What is your nutritional requirement?
  • Why after Gym and exercise, you are still unable to reduce weight?
  • Is a genetic factor involved in weight management?

To analyze genetic predisposition for Personalized health profile, Genes2Health is a key product to play a major role in decoding the genetic code to know future health risks. It delivers information on 45+ health conditions along with drug susceptibility and metabolism. Genes2Health “genetic card report” would predict an individual’s health history for specific conditions like cardiology, neurology, diabetes, cancer, rheumatology, respiratory disorder, reproductive health. It provides one’s own health status to better monitor and takes preventive measures for certain diseases/disorders. With this unique information, one can make potential changes in their lifestyle to combat various health risks.

Med4Me is a pharmacogenomics test, which is “Tailored-made Medicine” for individual genetic makeup. Med4Me provides an insight into more than 600 drugs to make you understand to take an informed decision for treatment. It covers FDA approved known drugs for Cardio, Pain management, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, Recreational Drugs, Recreational Drugs, Infectology, Cancer, Organ Transplantation, and many more. With today’s advancement in Pharmacogenomic, Genes2Me is providing customize drug layout with the approach “One Medicine does not Suit all”. Med4Me is an effective genetic test to answer your query for

  • Which medicine suits me the best?
  • What is my metabolic response towards Propafenone?

HealthyMe is a comprehensive test package, which is a unique combination of “Routine Biochemical Tests with Genetic Tests” that gives a 360 degree overview of an individual’s health. HealthyMe provides a detailed insight into a person’s health by covering 80 routine biochemical parameters along with genetic test “Genes2Fit and Gene2Health”. It explains a complete “Picture of Today and Tomorrow” to better understand about once own lifestyle traits and health disorder/diseases to quite a few genetic factors associated with you on a personal note.

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Process of Personalized Genetic test

The process of sample collection is easy and seamless. A person needs to order a prepaid kit i.e. “Cheek Swab Kit” for sample collection through online/offline process. Depending upon the genetic test type blood sample may also be collected for Med4Me and routine test packages. Genes2Me will arrange kit dispatch and pick up on the PAN India level. Through an easy tracking system, within 24hours, the sample reaches to headquarter lab in Gurugram, then processed for further genetic analysis. It takes 10-15days of reporting time for Genes2Fit, Genes2Health, Med4Me and HealthyMe after which genetic counselor takes a call ahead. Certified Genetic counselor will give you a walkover of your Genetic blueprint.

The personalized genetic test will help a person to decode the genetic sequence knowing the predisposition factor. Genes2Me is rooted in personalized health care profiles to provide the best services in DNA genetic testing. In personalized healthcare, we are targeting patients at the individual level to diagnose hereditary diseases and disorders at a single platform. Clinical genetic tests are also performed in Genes2Me lab. They are for analysis of DNA to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities to predict the developing disease or disorder. Clients who undergo any type of Genetic Test through Genes2Me are allied with the Free Genetic Counseling session . Our “Gene Saathi” for a better understanding of reports and genetic conditions.

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