Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

Automated NGS Library Preparation Workstation

EZY-AutoPrep is based on the direct loading of nucleic acid samples to realize the full-automatic library construction process of fragmentation, end repair, adaptor connection and PCR amplification.

The single/8-channel pipettor is with pipetting range of 1 - 200 μL. With accurate PLLD/ CLLD and multiple liquid parameter settings, it can flexibly handle samples and reagents of different properties and volumes to meet various application scenarios.

Automated workflow
Automated NGS library preparation workstation.
Precise pipetting
A variety of liquid parameters setting ensure accurate control of liquid aspirating and dispensing process
Intelligent & Visual
Program setting error reporting and prompt functions ensure that users can quickly find programming errors
User friendly software
Simple and intuitive GUI ensures that you can quickly run the library construction program after the system is installed and makes the software convenient to help you create and run the automated liquid handling protocols.

EZY-AutoPrep can construct 24 sample libraries in one run.

Simple Operation, Get Started Quickly

- Drag-and-drop flows simplifies program setting
- GUI is easy to understand and edit
- Multi-level account management system

Multiple Functional Modules

- The experimental platform can customize different modules according to the actual needs of customers to meet various experimental solutions

Flexible Matching Experiment Needs

- Equipped with several temperature control modules
- High efficiency magnetic module by rising and falling to avoid loss or residual of magnetic beads






Tiles number

9 standard tiles + (TIP off box + waste liquid area)

Available well plate

SBS standard 24/96/384 deep and shallow well plates


Matching TIP

Magnetic plate

96-well annular magnetic plate

UV sterilization

Equipped with UV sterilization lamp, high-efficiency purification filter device

Instrument port

USB port, CAN communication

Ambient condition

Temperature requirement: 10~40 °C, humidity: ≤80 %

Power input

100~240 V, 50~60 Hz, power 300 W

Dimension (W×D×H)

740×630×670 mm




Pipettor type

8-channel fixed spacing pipettors, can be used as a single channel

Pipetting principle

Air displacement pipetting technology

Pipetting range

1-200 µL


1 µL: ≤5%

2 µL: ≤5%

20 µL: ≤2%

100 µL: ≤1%

200 µL: ≤1%


1 µL: ±12%

2 µL: ±10%

20 µL: ±2%

100 µL: ±1%

200 µL: ±1%

Temperature control module

The reagent area is equipped with a temperature control module; temperature control range: 0~105 °C, temperature accuracy: 0.5 °C @ 55 °C, temperature uniformity: 0.5 °C @ 55 °C

Introduction of DNA Library Construction Workflow

Note: EZY-AutoPrep can achieve the whole process of library construction except for "quality control"