No Hit and Trial: Weight loss through Genetic Testing

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No Hit and Trial: Weight loss through Genetic Testing

Losing weight has always been synonymous to the balance of food and exercise. Any health nutritionist would recommend you a diet that is hard on your taste-buds and guts. Any weight loss journey is all about trying new ways to shed those extra kilos. Did you realise that all this was based on the age old tradition of “Hit and Trial Method” to understand what would suit them the best. This not only resulted in spending a lot of time experimenting, but also a lot of money.

While you wonder how some of us don’t even gain any weight as much as some people do, in spite of similar diet patterns. The answer is hidden in your genetic make-up. Genes, as you know are transferred from parents to the off-springs. Considering the inheritance of our genetic material

Research suggests that for some people, genes account for just 25% of the predisposition to be overweight, while for others the genetic influence is as high as 70% to 80%. Having a rough idea of how genes play a significant role in your weight gain and loss [1].

Doctors have explained why two individuals can have different weight in-spite of similar diet pattern,

It majorly depends on two factors:
– Your Genes
– And how they react with the environment around (GxE)

While your food choices and lifestyle being the major factor that determines your body weight & BMI  index, your genes hold a significant space in your weight graphs. The good news is that through gene/environment interactions, genes are being switched on and off based on an individual lifestyle cue. A twenty-first century man or woman has more control over the way their genes are being altered in the way than we ever thought was possible. The science of epigenetics has shown that great genes come from turning genes on and off to your advantage. If you’re struggling with weight gain/weight loss resistance, you might want to know about the genes that are making you more hungry or addicted to carbohydrates, for more insights about how those genes are being expressed, a genetic test can be extensively helpful on How to lose weight and plan your diet in sync with your genes.

A genetic test can help you plan the perfect diet and exercise routine according to your body’s personalized needs, your environment and the nutritional requirement determined by your age, gender and body type to lose or gain weight. Here is what a genetic test can discover:- 

Matching Diet Type: Get insights about your food habits and which food would suit you according to your genes. Interestingly it can also predict your Snacking, Lactose Intolerance, Hunger, Aerobic Capacity, Satiety levels, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Taste & Food Desires. Giving you an extensive arena to work upon for health

Nutrients: They say what you eat, is what you gain! Get insights about the nutrient levels of your body to understand which nutrients you might want to cut off or the ones you want to add to your regular diet. A genetic test can usually screen these vitamins- Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E.

Exercises: Aerobics or cardio? Choose your way to sweat it out. Learn how your body reacts to endurance training, Strength Training, Aerobic Capacity, Muscle performance, Weight Loss Response to Exercise, Blood Pressure Response to Exercise, HDL (Good) Cholesterol Response to Exercise, Loss of Body Fat Response to Exercise & Insulin Sensitivity Response to Exercise via genetic testing before you decide to invest in gym for weight gain or weight loss.

Lifestyle Traits: Unlock the mystery about your body via your genes and get the correct information to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Find out how genes impact your lifestyle traits. Know more about your alcohol and Nicotine Dependence. Alcohol Flush Reaction, Bone mineral density, Obesity & Caffeine consumption in your regular day timelines. While you discover this via genetic tests you can take control of your lifestyle today for a healthy tomorrow.

A genetic test can reveal so much about your tomorrow, today and help you not only plan a healthy weight but a healthier life ahead. A genetic test is powerful enough to even predict the probability of any diseases that you might be under the radar of. If you are considering a genetic test, Genes2Me in India is one of the leading genetic diagnostic labs. Genes2Me creates a benchmark in the diagnostics space by providing complete solutions not only under primary diagnostic but regular as well as advanced molecular diagnostics, thereby becoming a partner in life with a bench translational approach combined with a mission to serve masses even in resource-limited areas across the globe. They provide genetic tests for personalized health, mother and child, oncology and other diagnostics covering almost every facet of the diagnostics space to predict a healthy future starting today. 

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