Non Invasive Prenatal Screening

Early Intervention, Healthy Babies!

NIPS is a non invasive test, performed on cfDNA that screens Ultrasound abnormalities and chromosomal abnormalities identified by other screening tests.


When is NIPS advisable ?
When is NIPS advisable ?

NIPS is advisable when -There are concerns about chromosome abnormalities in your pregnancy.


NIPS is advisable when 

  • Ultrasound abnormalities have been identified .
  • You have had earlier abnormal screening results for this pregnancy.
  • You, your partner, or a prior pregnancy or child were identified with a chromosome abnormality.
  • You have received inconclusive results from another fetal DNA screening test.

Screens for most common trisomies including Trisomy 21,18,13 and sex chromosome aneuploidies. It provides aneuploidy information of all the other remaining chromosomes.

Price: ₹21000.00
MaterniT Genome
MaterniT Genome

Because every chromosome matters, we analyze them all to get Karyotype level details.

Price: ₹70000.00


ClariT (Validated in India) MaterniT21 Plus (from Sequenom Labs, USA) MaterniT Genome (from Sequenom Labs, USA)
Trisomy 21 Trisomy 21 All Chromosomes Trisomy/Monosomy
Trisomy 18 Trisomy 18  Select Microdeletions
Trisomy 13 Trisomy 13  Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy
Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy Trisomy 16  Deletions or Duplications >=7mb
Other Chromosome Trisomy/Monosomy Trisomy 22  Unbalanced Translocation >=7mb
   Select Microdeletions  
   Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy  



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